Best games for Gameboy Advance emulators, beginning with B:

Game size/rating
B-Type (using HAM V2.50) by Nicoll Hunt (PD)nice game*****
Ballistic V1.0 by Dave Smith (PD)nice game*****
Barbie Horse Adventures (European)nice game*****
Barnyard (Multilanguage)nice game*****
Batman Begins (Multilanguage)nice game*****
Batman Vengeance (European)nice game*****
Battleship By SatanicFreak (PD)nice game*****
BEEZ (PD)nice game*****
Beyblade G-Revolution (Multilanguage)nice game new*****
Bionicle Lego - Maze of Shadows (Universal)nice game*****
Bomberman Demo By Subbie (PD)nice game*****
Boubou Snake Demo (PD)nice game*****
Brains'n'Bells V0.6b by Bruno Vedder (PD)nice game*****
Bratz (Multilanguage)nice game new*****

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Players' selection

#1: Beyblade G-Revolution (Multilanguage)

***** Rated 5.0 Beyblade G-Revolution (Multilanguage)

Very nice adventure/combat game on BeyBlade world. Before entering the real combat, you will experience a nice adventure introduction, and of course you have to get a...

#2: Battleship By SatanicFreak (PD)

***** Rated 5.0 Battleship By SatanicFreak (PD)

Destroy all the enemy ship in this battleship game! you should be fast, or your opponent will defeat your...

#3: Brains'n'Bells V0.6b by Bruno Vedder (PD)

***** Rated 5.0 Brains'n'Bells V0.6b by Bruno Vedder (PD)

Warning, this game will make you crazy! it's only for very clever person! so, let's clear all the levels!
This game are thought by Bruno...

#4: Ballistic V1.0 by Dave Smith (PD)

***** Rated 4.8 Ballistic V1.0 by Dave Smith (PD)

Defeat your opponent and enjoy this...

#5: Boubou Snake Demo (PD)

***** Rated 4.7 Boubou Snake Demo (PD)

Help your little snake to eat the hearts, resist more time possible, warning! your snake will grow up and be longer, don't eat...

How to run these games?

For playing these games you need a GameBodyAdvance Emulator - get one here for your device: Windows, Android, Mac, even PS and Nokia phone.


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