Best games for Gameboy Advance emulators, beginning with E:

Game size/rating
Earthworm Jimnice game*****
Ebooblution V0.1 by Hector Zapata (PD)nice game*****
Ecks vs Sever - Ballistic (Europe)nice game*****
Ed Smash Demonice game*****
Ed, Edd n Eddy - the Mis-Edventures (English)nice game*****
Elf in the Big Factory (PD)*****
Eragon (Europe)nice game*****
Estella Warren Slide Show by CFT (PD)nice game*****
Evil Bob's Pocket Painter V0.2 (PD)nice game*****
Excite Bike - Classic NES (Patched)nice game*****

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#1: Excite Bike - Classic NES (Patched)

***** Rated 5.0 Excite Bike - Classic NES (Patched)

Another great NES and arcade classic! For motorbike enthusiasts, with two racing modes and the track designer. This rom is already patched so even though we notice some...

#2: Ed, Edd n Eddy - the Mis-Edventures (English)

***** Rated 5.0 Ed, Edd n Eddy - the Mis-Edventures (English)

The game inspired from the popular cartoon network series. Very funny and playable, adventure developes in a horizontal scrolling game fashion. Funny dialogs and really...

#3: Eragon (Europe)

***** Rated 5.0 Eragon (Europe)

Very enjoyable RPG with turn-based battles, absed on the Eragon's first chapter. Characters level each of their abilities up and can craft weapons or mix potions to...

#4: Estella Warren Slide Show by CFT (PD)

***** Rated 5.0 Estella Warren Slide Show by CFT (PD)

Slideshow of famous pictures the top model Estrella Warren. Not a game, not for children, for viewing only. Download for...

#5: Ecks vs Sever - Ballistic (Europe)

***** Rated 4.7 Ecks vs Sever - Ballistic (Europe)

One f the best FPS for GBA, pleasing the ability to replay the events in multiplayer and impersonating the other protagonist. Its strong point is the fact of not...

How to run these games?

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