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#1: Ice Climber Classic (U)

Ice Climber Classic (U)

There's one and only approach to gather the vegetables that the condor has put on one of 32 testing stage based mountains, and that is by going as far as possible up!

classic  platform 
Rated 5.0

#2: Iridion 3D

Iridion 3D

What strikes in this game is an awesome 3d grahics. After some introductory story, you will be presented the first mission and it looks like a 3d science fiction shooter. The graphics is smooth and...

3-d  arcade  space 
Rated 4.8

#3: Invincible Iron Man, The (English)

Invincible Iron Man, The (English)

I found this adaptation of the popular Marvel comics rather simplistic, looks like an ordinary platform game based on the Iron Man character. There's a brief comic-like introduction where you learn...

#4: Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown (Multilanguage)

Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown (Multilanguage)

Impersonate Sid, the cute star of The Ice Age, you will have to complete the tasks set into your adventure path, while looking at the hints you will encounter on your way. Levels are interleaved by...

#5: Incredible Hulk, The (English)

Incredible Hulk, The (English)

Unleash your godlike power as Hulk, the green superhero from the movies and comics. The game starts with a comic-like introduction with a twist on the green hero's story. Then you will have to...

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