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#1: Jurassic Park III - Park Builder (English)

Jurassic Park III - Park Builder (English)

This ROM is a simulation game and allows you to create a miniature version of the dinosaur theme park. Scan the world for DNA samples, use them to create dinosaurs. Create restaurants, shops and...

movies  simulation 
Rated 5.0

#2: Justice League Heroes - The Flash (English)

Justice League Heroes - The Flash (English)

The Flash, wielding his Speed Force to strike foes before they can strike back, lanches effective blend assaults so that enemies will look to be moving in slow motion. Justice League colleagues will...

combat  superheroes 
Rated 5.0

#3: Jackie Chan Adventures - Legend of The Dark Hand (English)

Jackie Chan Adventures - Legend of The Dark Hand (English)

This game is truly funny! Tons of various moves and stuff to thrash individuals from the Dark hand. A good deal of constant activity. A must-have.

Rated 4.8

#4: Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius (Multilanguage)

Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius (Multilanguage)

A kid's platform multiplayer. The graphics resembles very much that of the animation series. It has a nice tutorial to learn commands. Can be run in multiplayer mode to play with friends. Packed with...

#5: Justice League - Injustice for All (Multilanguage)

Justice League - Injustice for All (Multilanguage)

This time you impersonate the heroes of DC Comics' Justice League: Superman, Wonder Woman, batman and The Flash. The style is that of a platform game with several missions, your turn to save the...

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