Best games for Gameboy Advance emulators, beginning with M:

Game size/rating
M-Adventure Gameboy Advance211 KB
MADDness by Mic (PD)108 KB
Malermeister Gameboy Advance52 KB
Mario e Luigi - Superstar Saga (English)nice game*****
Mario Kart Super Circuitnice game*****
MarioBreak v1.0 Gameboy Advance114 KB
Mario Balls (Final) Gameboy Advance3810 KB
Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Eng Ita)nice game*****
Matrix Advance (14-09-2003) Gameboy Advance240 KB
Maya Mystery v1.1 Gameboy Advance354 KB
MegaMan Battle Networknice game*****
Melindas Rescuenice game*****
Metal Slug Advancenice game*****
Metal Warrior 4 v1.1 Gameboy Advance186 KB
Metroid - Fusion (Europe)nice game*****

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Players' selection

#1: Metroid - Fusion (Europe)

***** Rated 5.0 Metroid - Fusion (Europe)

Science fiction plot, very similr to that of Alien. You have been infected by an alien form of life, which is powering yourself and integration with your armor. Complete...

#2: Mario Kart Super Circuit

***** Rated 4.8 Mario Kart Super Circuit

Mario Kart : Super Circuit is the third son of one of the sagas of video games to greater international success and is also the first episode of the series developed for...

#3: MegaMan Battle Network

***** Rated 4.5 MegaMan Battle Network

This ROM starts a very popular saga. Still it has the general elements of any Mega Man game such as the Mega Buster, gaining enemy weapons, etc., but it plays more...

#4: Metal Slug Advance

***** Rated 4.3 Metal Slug Advance

The ideal prosecution of the classic arcade coin-op. You will be given various war missions, jump and avoid bombs and fight enemies. Free hostages and defeat the bosses....

#5: Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Eng Ita)

***** Rated 4.0 Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Eng Ita)

This is the Gameboy Advance version of a very popular game for XBOX360. This version features a weaker and simpler gameplay than the XBOX classic obviously but it still...

How to run these games?

For playing these games you need a GameBodyAdvance Emulator - get one here for your device: Windows, Android, Mac, even PS and Nokia phone.


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