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Pokemon Emerald (English)

Pokemon Emerald (English) The story unfolds in the town of Littleroot where you have just moved with your mom. We have not managed to get this ROM to work on Windows VisualBoyAdvance and Rascalboy, but it works brilliantly on Android emulator.
The game is in English language, we also have the Japanese version here.

Pokemon Emerald (English)
Pokemon Emerald (English) screenshot 2
Pokemon Emerald (English) screenshot 3
Pokemon Emerald (English) screenshot 4

Download link for Pokemon Emerald (English) free download

Size: 7 MB

Downloads: 7402

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currently 4.7 Out of 5 (from 42 votes)

Platform: any GameBoy Advance emulator

Price: $0.00

Tags: adventure  anime  pokemon 

Comments (11)

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Waldo says...
I have been playing this for 3 weeks now I have beat the game I caught all the Pokémon I possibly could, I noticed one big problem here, every time I go to fish it never workes. I think this file has been changed or modified.
15th March 2017 4:33am
Pfffff says...
Yeah, sure. Without cheats you need to grind very long to level your pokemon to get through elite 4 and also catching every pokemon is quite time consuming as there are pokemon you have a chance lower 1% to even get them on screen.
26th March 2017 11:42pm
ichigo says...
Smile this is the one I play when I'm bored so much but if I play it, it makes me smile. thanks for this
25th January 2017 5:46pm
ksr says...
Long and intresting but hard to finish. Without cheat you can win it
12th January 2017 12:20pm
Junior says...
Wink very good to play this game. It's really awesome in game boy advanced
9th December 2016 1:52am
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