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Pokemon Leaf Green Version (USA)

Pokemon Leaf Green Version (USA) Another chapter in the Pokémon saga. The story begins with an introduction and you are requested to enter your name and your historic enemy's, before going out to seek professor Oak. The battles and the chance to discover the Sevei islands will be thrilling and you will like to challenge the Rocket Team. The hardest challenge will be to defeat Elite 4, so be prepared for the final battle!
This game is very similar to that of its twin edition Fire Red.
Chek out notes below for properly running this rom on PC.

Tested working emulators for this game are MyBoy (Android) and VisualBoy Advance (PC), both can be found at our emulators page.
If you get a white blank screen trying to run this game, in order to run on VisualBoy Advance, apply these settings:

Options->Emulator->Save type->Automatic, 128k
Options->Emulator->Real Time Clock
(should be ticked)

Then, delete any .sav or .sgm files for the game in that directory and restart the emulator, reopen the game, and here you go.

Pokemon Leaf Green Version (USA)
Pokemon Leaf Green Version (USA) screenshot 2
Pokemon Leaf Green Version (USA) screenshot 3
Pokemon Leaf Green Version (USA) screenshot 4

Download link for Pokemon Leaf Green Version (USA) free download

Region: Usa

Size: 5 MB

Downloads: 42,779

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currently 4.4 Out of 5 (from 300 votes)

Platform: any GameBoy Advance emulator

Price: $0.00

Tags: 1vs1  adventure  anime  pokemon 

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Comments (8)

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anmol kataria says...
please can u add pokemon platinum rom here i really want that....
23rd June 2017 11:37am
ash says...
Superb game
Excellent graphics
Very good game
I liked it very much
9th June 2017 11:13am
bebei says...
Nice graphics..
Enjoyable game ....
It was remarkable....
Very useful.... Stress reliever... It is
5th May 2017 7:52am
bebei says...
The best game so much... It was exciting... More challenge, but easy to learn...
3rd May 2017 3:04pm
Lucifer says...
Yeah I can finally play again I will complete this game 38th time but I never completed the pokedex hahaha
2nd May 2017 11:17am
anneeeeee says...
Please note that comments are identified via your IP number. Users of proxies and anonymizers often change their IP number therefore after making the comment quickly get back to this page to get the level advance.
8th February 2017 2:26am
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