Top/best Game ROMs for GameBoy Advance

Nintendo GameBoy Advance All best games/roms for Nintendo's Gameboy Advance emulators.
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#1: Wario Land 4 (English)

Rated 4.9 by 20 votesWario Land 4 (English)

#3: Pokemon Ruby (U)(Mugs)

Rated 4.7 by 111 votesPokemon Ruby (U)(Mugs)

#5: Kirby and the amazing mirror

Rated 4.7 by 46 votesKirby and the amazing mirror

#8: Pac-Man World (Multilanguage)

Rated 4.7 by 31 votesPac-Man World (Multilanguage)

Most downloaded

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#1: Pokemon Glazed

161246 downloads Pokemon Glazed

A mysterious team lurks around the ruins of ancient Tunod, with a mysterious purpose. You'll meet allies in three roaming trainers from the Johto region, as well as a scarfed Pikachu hell-bent on...

#2: Pokemon Jupiter (English)

86391 downloads Pokemon Jupiter (English)

Enjoy this special version of Pokémon, where you will experience a dark world adventure. This is a 100% working game to which has been already applied the Mugs patch - so download it and play...

#3: Pokemon Emerald (English)

53548 downloads Pokemon Emerald (English)

The story unfolds in the town of Littleroot where you have just moved with your mom. We have not managed to get this ROM to work on Windows VisualBoyAdvance and Rascalboy, but it works brilliantly on...

#4: Pokemon Chaos Black 3.2 (English)

31349 downloads Pokemon Chaos Black 3.2 (English)

Special (and very rare) version of Pokémon, 100% fixed and working on all platforms. The graphics is based on Fire Red but the gameplay is entirely different. When you meet Professor Oak in...

#5: Pokemon Crystal Version (USA, Europe)

30520 downloads Pokemon Crystal Version (USA, Europe)

This game uses a turn-based fight framework where the Pokémon you hold do the greater part of the genuine battling. For every turn, you may play out a solitary assault or utilize a solitary...

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Comments (7)

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Coolest says...
Smile its cool and fun probably the best list of GBA Roms i've ever seen Cool
25th June 2017 4:28pm
azreil says...
GrinCoolthese are so cool games and I have played all of them I really liked and loved it good job to who made all these crazy cool Pokemon games
10th July 2017 10:26pm
unknown999 says...
Nice one good job 101%
7th June 2017 6:28pm
pokemon says...
The pokemon is super awesome and I want to have a pokemon in real life
10th April 2017 8:58am
Unnamed says...
SleepThe Pokemon Jupiter is like, kinda bugged. When my character walks, her skin behind changes to green to purple or whatever that is.
21st March 2017 4:17am
Lullaby says...
Oh so true the same happens to me too Plz fix this Crying
11th May 2017 12:17am
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