Best games for Gameboy Advance emulators, beginning with A:

nice game Abadia del Crimen, La (PD)
adventure  isometric 
Downloads: 437
nice game Air Hockey
1vs1  arcade  homebrew 
Downloads: 253
nice game Air Wing Assault Demo
arcade  classic  planes  vertical-scroll 
Downloads: 344
nice game Anarkoid
arcade  classic  wallbreak 
Downloads: 270
nice game Another World
adventure  platform 
Downloads: 777
nice game Arkanorb
arcade  classic  wallbreak 
Downloads: 299
nice game AsteroidsGBA by Russ Prince (PD)
arcade  classic 
Downloads: 328

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Players' selection

#1: Ant Bully (Multilanguage)

Ant Bully (Multilanguage)

Based on a funny cartoon movie, you are a kid who after bullying an ant colony is then shrunk to their size. In your adventure you will have to perform various tasks and help the ant colony to gain...

#2: Alien Hominid (Multilanguage)

Alien Hominid (Multilanguage)

After a UFO crash you have to save the little alien against the FBI guys. Weird but very funny graphics for this unusual action platformer which will never miss to entertain you. Action is fast, and...

#3: Avatar - the Legend of Aang (Multilanguage)

Avatar - the Legend of Aang (Multilanguage)

The game itself picks up from where the cartoon finishes, it seems it is just a few hours to complete. This is a nice multilanguage package including English, French, Deutsch, Nederlands. It seems to...

#4: Astro Boy - Omega Factor (Multilanguage)

Astro Boy - Omega Factor (Multilanguage)

The game is a classic scrolling beat em up, you pass levels destroying whatever it happens to throw before reaching the boss bad guy. So far nothing new in fact, we have the A button to jump and...

#5: Avatar - The Last Airbender (USA)

Avatar - The Last Airbender (USA)

Aang and companions are researching the vanishing of a Waterbender, and along the way find different Benders are being captured.

action  adventure  combat  isometric  movies 
Rated 4.6

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