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Pokemon Fire Red

Pokemon Fire Red This can be considered as the fourth chapter in the Pokemon RPG but it is rather a re-telling of the story. Very complete, this is a 30+ hour quest, with more than 350 catchable and tradeable Pokemons. The story starts in pallet Town with professor Oak, giving you and your rival the first Pokemon.
The game is similar to the one of its twin edition, Leaf Green.
Check out notes below for correct running on VisualBoyAdvance.
Tested working emulators for this game are MyBoy (Android) and VisualBoy Advance (PC), both can be found at our emulators page.
If you get a white blank screen trying to run this game, in order to run on VisualBoy Advance, apply these settings:

Options->Emulator->Save type->Automatic, 128k
Options->Emulator->Real Time Clock
(should be ticked)

Then, delete any .sav or .sgm files for the game in that directory and restart the emulator, reopen the game.

Pokemon Fire Red
Pokemon Fire Red screenshot 2
Pokemon Fire Red screenshot 3
Pokemon Fire Red screenshot 4

Download link for Pokemon Fire Red free download

Region: Usa

Size: 656 KB

Downloads: 132,524

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currently 4.4 Out of 5 (from 611 votes)

Platform: any GameBoy Advance emulator

Price: $0.00

Tags: 1vs1  adventure  anime  pokemon 

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Comments (40)

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Adam Mirza says...
CoolIt is very cool game and filled with hundred of pokemons and have evolving also,I love Charizard!
29th March 2017 4:20pm
lorenzo says...
i like pokemon games so much. this gives me opportunity to play them all.
7th March 2017 8:15pm
Rockstar says...
I think that Pokemon is an excellent game also I can't stop playing it at night plus if you guys are interested the new Pokemon stars is coming out in September for the 3ds
Can't wait
22nd June 2017 1:02pm
cici says...
I loved it so much like the old one i couldnt stop playing even at night it was so hard to beat.
4th February 2017 4:17pm
Mystery man says...
SmileIt looks so much like the old games
14th January 2017 5:56pm
Junior says...
primeiro jogo de gba que joguei. só boas lembranças e muita treta antes de conseguir ganhar rssrss
9th December 2016 1:58am
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